Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Xobni a Smarter Way to Track Emails and Contacts

I was recently re-introduced to a cool piece of technology called Xobni.

Xobni (the word inbox spelled backwards) is a plug in for Outlook and it helps you organize your inbox and contacts in a unique way.

Xobni finds all the people you know through your emails, SMS messages and phone calls, and automatically creates a rich profile for them. Profiles include a photo, job title, company details, email history as well as updates from your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Xobni is available in a free version, and a paid version.  I use the free version.  You can download the free version and install it in under five minutes.  Xobni displays a sidebar that slides in an out from the right and over the reading pane.

Unlike many other Outlook add-ons, both free and upgraded versions of Xobni add functionality without greatly dragging down Outlook's performance. The interface doesn't get in the way, and, in fact, makes communication easier.

I recommend Xobni for any Outlook user.

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