Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Innovation and the Next Big Thing

What's the next big thing? When it comes to technology, more and more companies are asking this question.  We all saw how social media had a dramatic impact on the way we do business.

Loosely defined as introducing something new or different, innovation is fundamental to many IT projects, especially those that involve developing new technologies, new methods, or new business processes.

The world of information technology is undergoing tremendous change on a global scale and it is affecting all aspects of business and society in unanticipated ways. Innovation is a core driver of growth and performance over time, and the most successful companies develop strategies and tactics that enable them to keep pace with, anticipate, and even benefit from these changes.

However, many IT groups spend more time keeping existing systems working than they do deploying something new.  If you can embrace change and you understand the strategy of the business, you are in a good position to discover the next big thing.

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