Monday, January 23, 2012

Are You Too Busy to Improve?

I know this blog is dedicated to social media and technology, but I want to bring up a sore subject.

As a salesperson, I make phone calls to prospects all day long.  The biggest challenge is always making that first connection to determine if there is a need for my product and services.  We all know the common objections, no money, bad timing, no need, maybe later, etc.

This knee jerk reaction is understandable considering the barrage of incoming messages we receive throughout the day.

The second biggest challenge is getting the prospect to commit the necessary time to evaluate your solution.  I cannot count how many times I have started a conversation with a prospect, shown them the value of my solution, only to have them drift off into oblivion, because they are too busy with their daily tasks.

I keep a cartoon posted on my desk of a King preparing for a battle with a sword, he is telling his lieutenants that he is too busy to speak with the sales guy who is selling………a machine gun!!!!.

My point is that we are often too busy to evaluate things that might make our lives easier.  Every business should evaluate their biggest pain or issue, and then set aside some time to listen to 2-3 vendors to see if they can offer a cost effective solution with a strong return on investment.

It has always been about being bigger, better, and faster, and everything we do is towards these goals. However, we can’t always do it alone, and we need to periodically take the time to evaluate different tools that will make us more successful.  If you are not willing to commit the necessary time, then you are not serious about fixing the problem.

Work smarter, not harder!

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